2021 Board Meeting – May 11

Meeting minutes

President John Koeberer called the meeting to order (via zoom) at l:05 pm

In attendance were board members; Chet Roberts, Dan Gee, Tony Minicucci, Nathan Koontz, Brian Kenny, Steve Werner, David Sloma (Bruce Fears), Warren Meyer, Chuck Ross, Enos Esquivel,Alex Ramirez, Maggie McDonough, and Bruce Vanvort. Guests included: George Loyer (Calpa), Kate Wheeler (CC Conservancy) Brian Seamans (lnterwest).

Guests arriving at 1:45 from State Parks included; Steve Szalay, Christina Jaromay, Jim Luscutoff, Matt Millspaugh, and Jared Zucker.

Guest comments: George Loyer reported on a project involving college interns to conduct a survey of their members. He reminded the Board that the CPHA is invited to participate in planning for the 2022 Partnership Conference, including topics that would be of interests to concession operators. Brian Seamans provided an update about changes in the insurance industry resulting from the pandemic and forest fires. The bottom line is that some types of insurance will be hard to get and expensive.

Approval of Minutes – The Board approved the minutes for the January 19, 2021 meeting as written.

Board member changes – Jack reported that Rocky Mountain Rec has been sold to Ortega Parks and Resorts, and Chet Roberts will represent Ortega on the Board. Bill Harper has agreed to rejoin the Board as the representative of new operator Lake Oroville Marina LLC. Mike Ebler has resigned from the Board and will try to recruit a replacement for the Board. In the meantime, Mike will continue to be our main contact for concessionaires at Columbia SHP.

CPHA Incorporation and Insurance Update – Jack Reported that the Executive Committee approved of hiring an attorney to help get our incorporation and tax status updated with the Secretary of State and the IRS. The incorporation renewal has been accomplished and the tax filings will be done as soon as we provide the attorney with financial information for the past five years. The Board approved an augmentation of $5,000 to the CPHA FY 2021 Operating Budget to cover the attorney and related costs. Brian Seamans outlined the coverage that CPHA has purchased for General Liability and Directors and Officers. The total cost was $700 below what was budgeted for this purpose.

State Parks (DPR) Report – DPR reps reviewed their 5/10 letter responding to the 3/5 letter from the CPHA requesting an extension of the rent relief program.
Although the DPR will not be extending relief on a statewide basis, they are willing to consider requests on a “case by case” basis. In addition, there are eight “max term” contracts, which will be rewritten to include three additional years in order to accomplish contract required capital improvements. The Board discussed the agenda for the 5/14 zoom call President John and Jack will be
having with Director Quintero. The Board will be informed of the meeting results.

CPHA and Low Cost accommodations projects -The CPHA is in discussions with Parks California and the DPR regarding a collaboration that could result in a statewide low cost accommodations project. Board members John Koeberer and Warren Meyer are involved on behalf of the CPHA.

Treasurers Report – Bruce VanVort reviewed the Cash Flow Statement dated 5/1/2021. Cash In YTD is $60,838.34 and Cash Out YTD is $15, 442.99 with a balance of $45,395.35

CPHA 2021 Priorities Update РJack provided a progress report for on each of the eight priorities approved by the Board at the 1/19/2021 meeting.

Next meeting – The Board approved meeting on site at Hearst Castle on October 6 (11-3pm). Brian Kenny will collaborate with Jack and concessionaires at the Castle in planning for the meeting.

Minutes prepared by – Executive Director – Jack Harrison