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Formed in 1992, the CPHA represents companies and individuals who provide hospitality services under contract with the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Contract service providers commonly referred to as “concessionaires”, have been an integral part of California State Park System beginning with Big Basin State Park in 1913. Concessionaires provide a wide range of hospitality services aimed at helping visitors to enjoy their park experience.

Today there are over 200 concession operations with the 285 California State Parks. In addition to services to visitors, these operations pay the State more than 20 million dollars in rent and maintenance fees each year.

Board of Directors:

President: John Koeberer Basecamp Hospitality Company

Treasurer: Bruce Van Vort Superior Guest Services


Dan Gee – Crystal Cove Management Company

Brian Kenny – Hearst Corporation

Maggie McDonogh – Angel Island Ferry

Orin Mccann – Ortega National Parks

Chuck Catania – Holiday Traditions

Nate Koontz – Parks Management Company

Enos Esquivel – AramarkĀ Parks and Resorts

Chuck Ross – Old Town Hospitality

Alex Ramirez – Destination Cinema

Jeanette Kenworthy – Guest Services of Virginia

Warren Meyer – Recreation Resources Management

Tony Minicucci – Leo Carillo SP beach store

Bill Harper – Lake Oroville Marinas LLC

Steve Werner – American Land and Leisure


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